We all know that pepper/peppercorns are used in the kitchen, but did you know hundreds of years ago, it was also believed they were used for personal well~being and to rebalance chakra’s!?
Peppercorns were also widely used to aid digestion, and are believed to be a highly potent magical spice, which leads use nicely to the up and coming link to the spring equinox a major pagan festival because the day and night are both the same length… a great time to regain balance in your life.
If you want to gain balance for something that is bothering you keep 9 white, 9 black peppercorns together with something that symbolises the issue (a photo, contact details etc). To encourage more balance in your life in general, pour black and white pepper into a bowl and make the yin~yang symbol, and keep this on your alter or on a windowsill.
Red pepoercorns, if burned are thought to be considered a deterent against anything supernatural, especially, its said, werewolves and vampires.
They can also help get rid of negativity and demons. If red
Peppercorns are burnt in the fire place or if some are roasted in a frying pan, it can help ward off the evil eye if you have a relative or friend visiting you who wishes negative thoughts or deeds towards you.
You can also sprinkle some of the burned red pepper into a dish &put it under you bed to ward off nightmares.


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