I was born and raised a practicing christian, but felt it was never enough, i always felt there was more… let me tell you the begining of my journey:

Many years ago, after i had been nursing for about 5 years, i was doing the pre lunch obs round, and a patient got hold of my hand and asked me to sit with her.  We were sat chatting whilst i was checking her obs, and she kept trying to hold my hand ( hard to do when i was trying to take her pulse, bp and temperature), before i left her she said ” nurse you are an emotional empath, use your ability. I thought no more about it for the rest of the shift. The next day i learnt my lady had passed away.  I was 21yrs old and her last words have stayed with me (im now nearly 50).  I then went on to do my introduction to councilling certificate as i felt some of my life events would help me understand others emotional states and i would be able to help more. Occasionaly my lady’s words would pop up in my mind, so i would ask questions, do research if i couldnt get verbal answers.  (My library on healing and spiritual books has grown considerably )

That was the begining of my journey, i am now a registered Angel and Crystal healing practitioner, certificated earth angel realm reader and fairyologist, ushi reiki 1st degree, master of angel rituals and wiccan practices. I dont follow any particular path, i am a rainbow healer, i follw bits of everything.. angel, fae, christian, pagan etc.. I use my gentle abilities to help others, help them connect with their emotional side, give guidence, listen when they feel alone and vunerable, try and ease their emotional pain, help to clear their chakra system and aura so they can begin to heal on the inside and let the divine light through, to let go of all the emotional baggage that has no purpose and through oracle cards help to try and give guidence and answers.

Once you open the door, the more study you do, the more you want to learn and it is such an amazing, fulfilling path. It helps you heal yourself, your surroundings, clients, strangers who attach to you, and mostly mother earth.

I dont think that i will ever stop doing research ( im now reading up on moonology, numerology and the akashic records) now i have opened that door… and it fulfills me, this i feel is my purpose. To help others.

Follow your heart and dont be afraid of being different… you are not alone.



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