Apocathery for August: Are you making a lot of changes? Whether the are physical or emotional we have an amazing oil blend to help you. It helps you let go of any old opinions and beliefs, and secure anything new. Blend ingrediants: ▪Frankincense: this helps lift your mood so you can relax. ▪clary sage: this can be very helpful for women who suffer with PMS and the menopause. It can help support a healthy frame of mind. ▪lemon: helps to cleanse and purify. ▪rosemary: can support your over all well being, by helping with your mindful healthy lifestyle. ▪peppermint: is great for a healthy digestion etc. ▪sandlewood: can help you to unwind, so you are less stressed. Can be used to help balance emotions and calm you. ▪balsam fir: rejuvenates your mind as well as your bidy, great for soothing tired muscles. ▪cardamon: calmes nerves, helps lift mental fatigue, a good oil to invigorate body and mind. The blend works by calming and soothing, so we are calm and relaxed, lifting our spirit as we move forward. This is a fantastic blend for anyone that is stuck in a rut and needs help with positive change. Put A few drops of oil on cotton wool pads/balls dotted around, or a few drops in a diffuser or oil burner, or maybe a few drops in a nice warm bath. Namaste 🕉⚛🕉⚛🕉⚛🕉⚛🕉⚛🕉
Making positive changes can cause stress, when you are making positive changes, take extra care and make time for relaxing, whether in meditation, or some self cleansing ritual. Changes are of course inevitable and essential for us to grow. It can be scary and feel difficult, but these changes and transitions are an opportunity to rediscover who you are.. and after all, there is nothing mire constant in life then change.. remember to stay grounded. Namaste 🕉⚛🕉⚛🕉⚛🕉⚛🕉⚛🕉